About the artist

Hi! My name is Anna-Liisa Pihlap. I'm a 20-year-old artist from Estonia, dedicated to creating landscapes that captivate and move the viewer.

The ultimate goal of my art is to make the viewer feel a sense of appreciation towards reality through seeing these most stunning forms of nature.
But I’m also including my personal characteristics and emotions to give my own unique value to the painting.

My Story

Growing up in Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, I developed a deep admiration for nature.

It provided me with a refuge to reflect on my thoughts, which the fast-paced modern world rarely allowed me to do. This process offered me a sense of direction, even during the most challenging times in my life.

In addition, I discovered that outdoor activities have the unique ability to bring me back to the present moment and instill a kind of calmness within me.

I pursued my passion for art by studying at the Children's Art School of Tartu, where I developed my skills and explored various visual art forms.

During this time, I discovered my true love for painting, which has been my dedicated focus ever since.

At the age of 16, I began to contemplate what I should spend my time doing and what my calling in life might be, and I realized that I had a message to convey. This realization was largely thanks to the peace of mind I found in nature.

My paintings are often mistaken for showcasing primarily Estonian landscapes, but I prefer to paint scenery outside of my area to make a more significant impression on the viewer.

Therefore, nowadays I primarily use USA-based national parks as my subject matter, as I believe this allows me to convey a more impactful representation of nature.

I felt a strong urge to capture the feeling of gratitude and reverence that I had towards the natural world on canvas.

I started painting almost every day, with the goal of not just representing the landscape but also expressing my appreciation for the wilderness in a way that would move and inspire the viewer.

Exhibitions & Press

  • November 2020: "Art Exhibition for Charity" - Tartu Department Store, Tartu, Estonia

  • June 2021: "The Oldest Pub" - Illegaard, Tartu, Estonia

  • July 2021: "Local Cafe" - Spargel, Tartu, Estonia

  • September 2021: "Poska" - Jaan Poska High School, Tartu, Estonia

  • December 2021: “Parallel-reality” - Elva Culture Centre, Elva, Estonia

  • February 2022: “Pihlap Paintings x Tartu Department Store” - Tartu Department Store, Tartu, Estonia

  • June 2022: “Pihlap Paintings x Spargel” - Cafe Spargel, Tartu, Estonia

  • December 2022: “Serendipity” - Kvartal, Tartu, Estonia

  • March 2023: Tartu Postimees Noor kunstnik pälvis Ameerika kunstikollektsionääride tähelepanu

December 2022 “Serendipity”

November 2020 "Art Exhibition for Charity"